This Guy Summed Up How Absurdly White the Cecil the Lion Outrage Was #AllLionsMatter

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Look, I jumped in on the Cecil the Lion stuff too. I’m not without blame here. I don’t think I was too over the top about one dead lion. It was a rant about how stupid hunting is. And it’s also my job. It was a major internet story, and I gave a take.

But like I said, if you take a step back and look at how insane people went over a dead lion, it was NOT a great look for white people. You would have thought this dentist burned down a kindergarten in Connecticut (whitest place I could think of). White people literally got riled up enough about a dead lion to ruin this guys entire life. I’m not saying it wasn’t justified. Fuck that guy and fuck Camo pants. But the fact that it took a dead lion to get white people this mad, with all the shit that has happened this year, is about as bad a look as you’re gonna get. Figure it out white people, you’re making all of humanity look bad, and #AllLivesMatter, right?

P.S.   Need to meet the white people who say #AllLivesMatter in real life. Media is media, they’re going to be absurd. But I want to meet everyday people tweeting it. Gotta meet them and just ask why. Seriously need to hear that explanation. Boggles my mind that someone can say that.

P.P.S.   “Traces of Marijuana” killed me. I hope the Lion wasn’t addicted to Marijuana too.


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