The ATM Company Employee Who Left $141,000 on the Ground and Had it Stolen Just Pulled Off the Most Obvious Inside Job Ever

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CBSNewYork (via Barstool) The search continues in New Jersey for a man in a van who police said drove off with a bag filled with tens of thousands of dollars that was accidentally left behind by an employee of an ATM company. Surveillance video shows the costly mistake made by employees at in Mahwah.

In the video, a worker is seen leaving a building at 31 Industrial Avenue. Police said he was reloading ATMs and was carrying $141,000 in a small, unmarked bag. He sets the satchel down and walks around to the back of his car before getting in and taking off. The bag, filled with $10s and $20s, was left behind on the lawn, police said.

“At some point the person who was supposed to have the bag realized that it wasn’t in the car with him,” said William Hunt with Mahwah police. “But at that point, he was seven miles away and called back to the office to see if it was still curbside where he had left it.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Surveillance video then shows a passenger of a white work van picking up the bag full of money and driving away. Police said surveillance video from an automotive business across the street shows the same van grabbing discarded tires from a dumpster just minutes before their big pay day. Authorities believe the thieves first spotted the bag, picked up the tires and then noticed the bag still sitting there as they left.

“It was really just a stroke of luck, or misfortune, for them that this van happened to be driving by shortly after the money was left at the curb,” Hunt said. Police said once the worker who left the money behind returned and realized what happened, an ambulance needed to be called for him. Other workers in the same building can’t believe what happened.

“I’m shocked, I’m really shocked,” said Judy Recca. “I’m shocked that it could happen in the first place and that someone could be so stupid to take it without thinking they’re going to get caught.” Police are now hoping the people who took the bag will do the right thing and return it.

“Anytime you find property that’s discarded on the side of the road, it’s not just fair game for you to pick it up and say, ‘Well, you left it, I found it,’” Hunt said. Cops believe they are looking for a 1999 GMC Savana work van with a glass panel and sliding door.

Never in my 23 years of life have I see a more obvious Inside Job. Are people kidding me with believing this guys story?

Guy has $141 THOUSAND dollars in a bag, the only bag he’s carrying, and he just forgets it? The guy who was entrusted with the job of carrying $141,000 dollars at a time just had a brain fart? And right as it happens, an unmarked white van just happens to drive up, grab old tires out of a dumpster across the street, and then see the bag of money before grabbing it and driving away?

Get the fuck out of my face. All of that stuff doesn’t just happen. This is the most blatant inside job of all time. I mean don’t get me wrong, big shoutout to this guy for pulling it off. I just hope he knows he didn’t fool me.

P.S.   If I ever find a stack of money like this, I’m going right to a casino. I figure the money usually belongs to some pretty bad people, right? I mean realistically, they’re going to find me. In which case I’m gonna have to give it back. Well what if, before they found me, I go to the casino and turn $141,000 into $200,000? They don’t have to know about that extra $59,000, do they? And if I lose the money… Hey, I was probably dead anyway right?


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