Kristaps Porzingis Learned a Valuable Lesson From the Drake-Meek Mill Beef

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See, this is what I’m talking about with Kristaps. He just GETS it. He’s only associating himself with winning right now. He examined this whole Drake-Meek beef and learned a valuable lesson. Because if you look at it, this Drake situation is a lot like what Kristaps will go through this year…

On the surface, Drake might look like a soft Canadian child actor turned commercialized rapper. That hasn’t exactly been the most successful route to the top of the rap game in the past, you know what I mean? So Meek (a rapper many would consider “hard” because did jail time and screams through his raps) decided to go a Aubrey Drake Graham. But Drake said, “Nah, I’m not that dude to steal on.”

Meek thought, “This dude is soft, look at him, he won’t do shit.” So what did Drake do? He came out swinging. Dropped two diss tracks before Meek even knew what was happening. Hit him with the two piece to the mouth while Meek was just dancing around the ring. That’s what you have to do when people think you’re soft. You come out swinging. Change the narrative. Were these songs the most conventional, old-school diss tracks? No. But they got the job done. And at the end of the day, Drake won.

Well now we look at my boy Kristaps. And you probably already know where I’m going with this…

“Soft skinny Euro… Not a traditional route to success in the NBA… He’s just another dude to steal on.”

Nah… Kristaps is not that dude to steal on. He might not be strong yet, but he’s not a bitch. He’s not gonna get pushed around like you think he will. He’s tough. He reads WorldStarHipHop every day. He sees what’s going on.

And the Zinger is gonna take a lesson from Drake.

Some guy might think he can just come out and clown Kristaps. Well before that can even happen, Kris is gonna punch you in the mouth. And before you even know the game has started, he’s gonna hit you again. Will he do it in the most conventional way? No. He’ll probably take weird bank shots and continue dunking with his right hand after jumping off his right foot…

But he still hit you. The shots still went in. And now everyone just saw the soft Canadian rapper/soft skinny Euro clown you into silence. No matter what you do next, the narrative has been written. It’s too late. Kristaps owns your life.

So as Knicks fans, we can all feel a little better today. Because Kristaps knows how to handle his business. Back-to-back before you even open your mouth. He just gave you a two-piece, and now you’re missing three teeth and wondering what the fuck just happened. But go ahead… keep thinking Kristaps is that dude to steal on. WOOP! WOOP!

P.S.   That rose pedal shirt is FIIIIIIRRRREEEEEEEE



P.P.S.   Yeah I just compared our most important player to Drake in a positive way. I don’t know how I feel about it either guys. But I know I love this kid… WOOP WOOP.


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