Guy Stops Terry Richardson On the Street to Call Him a Creep… You know, Because Terry Richardson is a Creep

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Big shouts to your boy Terry Richardson. What a fucking life this guy has had. He may be a rapey creep. He’s probably no stranger to the Bill Cosby lifestyle*. And from all accounts he’s as big a scumbag as you’ll find. But damn if I’ve ever seen someone pull off a bigger scam on the entire world than Terry’s “Photography Career.”

This guys entire career has been taking pictures of models and basically demanding they blow him to make it in the industry. And parlayed that into meeting and photographing the biggest celebrities in the world. All despite the fact that he is the exact caricature of a pedophile. Seriously if you saw this guy in public…


… with his mustache and mutton chops and receding hairline and big hipster/old man glasses and huge ears and alien shaped head, you would turn around and never stop running. Has anyone ever checked his basement or are we just going to cross our fingers and hope there aren’t 15 bodies and a Jared from Subway-esque collection of child porn down there?

Yet this guy is a legit celebrity. All because he takes pictures of famous people in front of a white wall and we’re supposed to call it “art.”

Seriously, tell me one impressive thing about pointing a high definition camera at the hottest chicks in the world and pressing a button a bunch of times. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Fucking photographers man. Find me an easier and more rewarding job on the planet… you can’t.

P.S.   speaking of Bill Cosby… we’re still taking odds for tomorrow over here.


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