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Big Shoutout To Macklemore for Overcoming His Crippling Addiction to Weed

Go back to Seattle, Macklemore, you’re too high to give this interview…

Why Are We Congratulating Stephen A. Smith For Breaking The “Brady Destroyed His Cell Phone” News Yesterday?

The fact that people are giving him credit for “breaking” this story just boggles my mind. He wasn’t “right.” He didn’t “scoop” anyone.

Drake Released a Second Diss Track and Now I’m Pretty Sure Meek Has To Fight Him

I know Meek’s whole goal was to get publicity. It worked. But do you really want publicity as the screaming Philly rapper who got clowned by Drake.

If You Ask Me I Think This Old Blackface Cartoon Was Done Pretty Tastefully

You can say a lot–and I mean A LOT–of things about this guy, but don’t say he didn’t give 110%

Jimmy Kimmel Crushed the Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion

Wait are you wearing camo pants? Oh wow, for a second I thought you didn’t have legs.

Giants Beat The Cowbo– I mean Yankees Beat The Rangers 21-5

This lineup has just been on an absolute tear since the break. Add in the league’s best bullpen and this absolutely has the makings of a World Series team… Yeah, Yeah, except the rotation

Hey Paul Pierce, Good Job Good Effort on the First Pitch Last Night

Get it over the plate for me one time guys.


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