Someone At MLB Network Wants John Smoltz To Go F*ck Himself

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There’s a lot of great things about working from home and not having a boss. Like right now I have a brutal, and i mean BRUUUTAL, sunburn on my shoulders from this weekend. In an office I’d be dying just to get to lunchtime just so I could rip my shirt off in the bathroom stall and dump aloe on myself like the guy with Gasoline in Airplane.

But at home? I’m just comfortably shirtless except for the couple times I have to walk my dog. Which I actually have to go do right now. Shit.

There’s millions of other reasons why working from home is awesome, but quite possibly the best is avoiding stuff like this. I tend to say things out loud a lot. Something will pop up on my Twitter timeline and I’ll give it a good “oh FUCK off.” It happens all the time. Whether it’s a “get the fuck out of my face” or a “are you KIDDING me” or a “BULL shit” or a “son of a bitch” or even something directed at myself like a “oh you fat fuck”. It’s nonstop.

The ranting and raving you see in my blogs is not just some act. It’s what I’m thinking and saying out loud non stop. If I’m out in public I’ll tone it down. And when I had a sales job before moving to the upstanding professional career choice, I was great at internalizing those things. But sometimes shit just pops out because I’m so up in my own head about something that I’ll forget that society has rules and etiquette. The amount of times I had to pretend like I didn’t just “what a douchebag” someone after a call was probably way too high for any normal young professional.

So if I had a job like this guy, where I had a mic that could be hot at any second, and I was working with a bunch of douchebag entitled retired athletes, I’d get fired in a heartbeat. Something would slip out. Someone like Warren Sapp* would act all gregarious on camera before walking off set screaming at someone to not make eye contact with him. And next thing you know it, I’d be the guy at the end of his segment saying, “Tell Warren to go fuck his own face,” and be out on the street by that afternoon.

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