This Guy Following KKK Marchers With a Sousaphone is Absolutely Hilarious

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Mediaite (via Barstool) — A Columbia, SC man trolled last weekend’s KKK march using nothing but his wits — and a sousaphone.

The KKK, along with various other neo-Nazi and white supremacist organizations, organized a march in South Carolina Saturday in support of the Confederate flag, which was removed from before the statehouse after the assassination of nine African-American churchgoers at the hands of a white supremacist last month.

Matt Buck was on his way home from an anti-KKK rally when he intersected the march, and decided to give them their own sardonic soundtrack. Buck ran home and retrieved his sousaphone, essentially a marching tuba. In a YouTube video, Buck is heard accompanying the marchers with circus riffs and mock-bombast.

“I didn’t really know how to show my opposition, so that was my way of doing it,” he told the Charleston City Paper.

This might actually be my favorite video of all time.

Can we please just start doing this to people. I know that everyone wants to protest against them and yell at them and organize rallies against them and all. But that just gives these guys power. That gives them legitimacy.

If some fat fuck KKK neo-Nazi walks down the street with a Confederate flag and is yelled at, he feels a purpose. He holds stronger to his beliefs. He knows that he has incited anger and hatred. He think’s he’s done his job. He was successful.

But if he’s walking down the street to the Curb Your Enthusiasm horn, how do you think he feels?

He feels like shit. He feels like a complete fucking loser. He realizes that he’s a failure. He feels like a fat fuck as he sweats incessantly through the BBQ sauce-covered wifebeater he’s been wearing since last Thursday. He thinks about how his father and mother are siblings and would beat him with a belt in between gross incest sex. He realizes that there are way too many pockets on his pants but still holds his switchblade on a waist holster. He feels the sting of sweat running over that herpes sore he got from his cousin a few weeks ago. He looks to the right and sees someone using a smartphone and realizes that it’s 2015 and he’s wearing a confederate soldier uniform in the middle of the street. And he finally comes to the conclusion that he should probably just kill himself.

Nobody can have a shred of personal pride–let alone “Rebel Pride”–while walking to the beat of a Sousaphone. It’s one of the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen.



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