Carlos Beltran With the Worst Look of All Time in This Yanks Team Picture

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Brutal look on Beltran here. Absolutely BRUTAL. Black tiger shirt tucked into tight black jeans? Are you our right fielder or Josh Hamilton’s heroine connect going through a midlife crisis? And are those bowling shoes? I’m pretty sure those are bowling shoes. Jesus Christ dude. What are you doing? I know you’ve been hearing “at least give it an effort” for the past decade, but maybe just apply that to season ending strike threes and not outfits you wear in public. Clean it up Carlos. Clean it the fuck up.


As for the boys, big series starting tonight. Baltimore is only 4 back. And yeah the other two are 4.5 and 5 back but they don’t scare me a bit. Sweeping this series would be a yuuuge step towards locking up the division, so that’s just what they’ll do. Broomsticks.


P.P.S.   A-Rod and his gars man. #BadBoyLife to the max


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