Twitter Bringing Out The HOTTEST Takes on Caitlyn Jenner

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Twitter has been on fire the last 24 hours about Caitlyn Jenner. Hot takes on hot takes on hot takes about the true meaning of courage. These egg avatar, parody account, anonymous troll losers are the worst. The racist/homophobic/transphobic people who fight everything and then drop absurd statements like “you preach tolerance but you’re not tolerant of my ideas.” It’s some of the stupidest shit you’ll ever see. And it’s laugh out loud funny. Hey anonymous online commenter, please tell me more about courage.

But hands down my favorite thing from yesterday were the people who straight up used soldiers as an excuse to give their hot take on courage.

“How is Caitlyn Jenner more courageous than this soldier?”

Oh you mean the soldier you just looked up two minutes ago for the sole purpose of using for your argument, who in two minutes you’ll completely forget about? That soldier? Or the cancer patient you don’t actually give two shits about?

I mean holy fuck. That is some next level troll loser shit.

Also, it’s the fucking ESPY’s. Giving one award to someone who is not a soldier, on a night where they also gave the Pat Tillman Award to a soldier, does not mean anyone is questioning how courageous soldiers are. I don’t want to speak for every soldier, but my guess is that all of them will tell you that soldiers don’t need awards to justify their courage. Especially not a god damn ESPY. So internet troll, get off your high horse, you fucking loser.

As for the speech… it was great. Great for Caitlyn. Great for the hundreds, thousands of lives she affected and possibly even saved. Great for ESPN for giving her that platform, even if it was a mutually beneficially “platform for ratings” swap*. Great for anyone who’s opinion might’ve been swung by sitting down and listening to a trans person’s story. And great for Brett Favre for learning that trans was a thing for the first time ever.

* Also sneaky hilarious that people freaked out over this. The people who were offended that ESPN went for the story with the most publicity. Yeah guys, the fucking ESPY’s wanted to drive ratings. That’s what award shows are. Welcome to real life. This is what happens. Grow up.


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