Real. Uncomfortable. Moments. With Brett Favre Watching Caitlyn Jenner at the ESPY’s

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“What in the fuck?”

There’s about a 98% 99% 100% chance than Brett Favre had never heard of transgender people before last night. Like maybe he heard some jokes about “tranny’s” in the lockerroom, but in his head those were just “dudes who dressed like chicks to be hookers.”

But before last night, the idea of a person identifying as another gender, then undergoing a significant physical, mental, and emotional transformation was nowhere near Favre’s radar. In fact, I’m pretty sure most social issues are pretty far from Favre’s radar. He might not even know that gay marriage is a thing, just that “there was that one gay dude that got drafted, right?” If you’re not in the world of football, Brett probably has no idea who you are.

That’s just life as a gunslinger. No time to watch tape. No time to keep up with social change. When the lights are on he’s gonna play it how he sees it. Hey man, just let it rip. Could be a touchdown, could be a pick six. Or it could be a super awkward moment at the ESPY’s. #GunslingerLife baby.

Real. Comfortable. Jeans.

Real. Uncomfortable. Moments.

P.S.   The Favre-Rodgers segment on the Red Carpet was about a 15 out of 10 on the Awkward Scale. Crawl out of your skin type of stuff.

P.P.S.   Remember Brett’s last throw as a Packer? That was awesome.


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