Kick Off Your Day With Devon Still’s Incredible ESPY’s Speech About His Daughter Leah

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That was incredible. The composure it must’ve taken from Devon to stand there and deliver that speech was remarkable.

Starting just two minutes in, when he says he “couldn’t wait to see the disbelief on the doctors faces when they said my daughter didn’t have cancer.” Everyone clapped because they believed his daughter was cancer-free, only to have Devon then explain that the cancer had spread. Brutal. But he didn’t waver for a second.

And it just kept going and going and going. From the story of Leah attempting to transfer the cancer to him, to thanking his fiancee for her patience, to the moment where she comes on screen. Incredible, incredible stuff.

Most powerful moment has to be his desire to just go to the nearest liquor store and drink away the pain. Chills everywhere when he said that he couldn’t do it because she had no escape from her pain. All of the chills.

You wonder how kids can possibly go through something like cancer at a young age. How they can possibly deal with it. Then you see a father like Devon Still and it all makes sense. Hell of a job by him. I’m gonna go grab some tissues.


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