This Guys Russell Westbrook Impression is So On Point That Even Westbrook Loved It

by Ham… follow on Twitter @yourboyham11

That was the best imitation of an NBA player I’ve seen since Kobe Bryant’s entire career. I mean he absolutely nailed every single aspect of Westbrook, who continues to be the biggest enigma in the NBA. Of all the storylines going into this season, the reclamation of Durant and Westbrook might be my favorite. How does Russ go back to sidekick mode after last season? He averaged like 30-10-10 and almost single-handedly pulled that garbage supporting cast into the playoffs. This isn’t like in previous years when you knew Durant was the better player so he’d have to defer. Because Russ might actually be better at this point, especially not knowing how Durant’s foot will recover. Can’t wait to see how that plays out.

Anyways, yeah, this guy nailed it…

From the actobatic fast break dunks (which was impressive as hell) to the psychotic celebration



From that absurd running jumper where he jumps about 45 inches off the ground to the holster celebration.

westbrook3 westbrook4

And of course the freakishly athletic lunge at the basket with no real plan. Or as I like to call it, #PeakWestbrook.


But the best part of the video was the pissed off Russ on the floor, waiting for a hand up. Its sneaky the funniest move he pulls. Just sits there fidgeting like an overgrown kid, giving the death stare to his team until they pick him up.

Over I give this guy an A+ on execution. And a bonus + for getting Westbrook to like anything.

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