Remember the Rangers Fan Who Went Viral For Dropping $4500 on His Seat? He Just Made A Rap Song About It With Mason Plumlee

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Watch the Whole Video at Complex

Here’s the original interview from Rangers-Lighting Game 7

Plumdog Millionaire is my name, money gun with no aim

Ahhh the marvels of modern audio technology. One the one hand, it’s probably not great that any shitty wannabee rapper can just put together a basic rhyme scheme over an absolutely fire beat. The music industry is already watered down as it is. We don’t need another 50,000 fake Macklemores who have been fucking around with garage band to pump more hot garbage onto the radio.

On the other hand though… athlete rappers. I fucking love when athletes rap. They’re always awful, but because it’s an athlete I’ll totally listen. Like yeah if Mason Plumlee was just some accountant who wanted to be the next Macklemore, I would never in a million years care that he was rapping. But the fact that he’s NBA Not-Quite-A-Star-But Well-Known-Because-He’s-White Player Mason Plumlee, aka Plumdog Millionaire, I’ll absolutely listen to him spit bars while shooting a money gun. And because of the marvels of modern audio technology, I can listen to Plumdog Millionaire mumble over a pretty 🔥🔥🔥 beat. What a world we live in.


As for the other guy, Will Roush… I don’t totally get what he does. I guess he’s just a rapper. I know Barstool had him on to talk about the video and he was just kind of like yeah I’m a white rapper who doesn’t drink. Not sure what’s going on there. But anyways well done with the interview and the video. They were cool.



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