Birdman Threw a Drink on Lil Wayne Last Night. Not a Great Day for Mid 2000’s Hip Hop.

by Ham… follow on Twitter @yourboyham11

TMZ — Lil Wayne and Birdman’s war is blowing up in public now — the Cash Money boss dumped a drink on Wayne’s head!

The massive diss went down in Miami’s Club LIV on Sunday night. Weezy was onstage, next to the DJ booth when the drink was hurled from a VIP booth above … where Birdman was standing.

You can’t see it in the video, but sources inside the club tell TMZ … Birdman did it. Also, we’re told Wayne was doing his song, “CoCo — which is basically a diss track against Birdman and Cash Money.

Seems crazy they’d show up in the same club — considering their legal feud — but both came out for a Jim Jones party.

Watch … when the camera goes up to Birdman’s booth, there’s a guy with a look that says … “What? Do something.”

Wayne’s crew didn’t retaliate — but it’s clear. The gloves are off.

Would you rather be Fifty or Wayne right now? Serious question. Like yeah Fifty is bankrupt, but we’ll all move on from the story and he’ll still have some semblance of credibility tomorrow. Wayne on the other hand? He just got embarrassed. Straight clowned by his former lover in a scene right out of Real Housewives of Atlanta. And not just any former lover. A former lover who has gone so off the deep end that the stars on his skull are only about the 5th craziest tattoo on his head.


Seriously that dude has hit absolute rock bottom. And now he’s just trying to drag Wayne down with him.

And you know what? I bet Wayne bites. Because hell hath no fury like a lover scorned.


And I for one am very excited to see the demise of Dewayne Carter. I hate this little rat bastard Weezy with his psycho eyes and his stupid laugh and his wildly overrated lyrics. Just sitting there on stage with that stupid “I’m going to mean mug you but in reality I won’t do anything,” look on his face. I want to see his whole life crash and burn. Maybe catch another automatic weapons charge, maybe another siezure or whatever happened to him. Who knows? Once you’re attached to a man with stars tattoo’d on his skull pretty much anything is in play. Except quality music. There’s definitely no quality music in play between these two.


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