50 Cent Files For Bankruptcy #MoneyTeam

by Ham… follow on Twitter @yourboyham11

Live Look at Fifty:

Remember in high school when you would have an embarrassing weekend? Got denied in front of all your buddies? Passed out in the middle of the party? Lost a fight? Now it’s Monday morning and you’re walking into school just knowing that you’re going to get shit on. Well that’s 50 right now. Except instead of some shithead 16 year old’s busting his balls, It’s Diddy, Jay-Z, Dre, and all the other nine-figure rappers who didn’t spend money like an oil money sheikh and end up screaming Bankruptcy in the middle of the office like Michael Scott.

Anyways, yeah. All the 50 cent money jokes. Blah, Blah Blah. I’m sure you’ve already seen any and every variation of a Window Shopper or Vitamin Water or Mayweather joke imaginable, because that’s how the internet works these days.

And that’s the good news for 50. Because just like your weekend fuck up in high school, everyone will forget it by tomorrow. This story will run through the news cycle and we’ll be on something else before you can even blink. Remember when Bill Cosby admitted to raping girls last week? Remember the Confederate Flag debate? Remember how Jared from Subway is a child porn guy? That feels like weeks ago. Another celebrity fucked up. On to the next one.

So just hold strong through these 24 hours of Twitter abuse and played out memes, Fifty. Put on your best Jordan crying face and take your lumps. Because by tomorrow Dustin Pedroia will say something racist* at the All Star Game and we’ll all move on. This story will fly in and out of the news cycle faster than Floyd Mayweather finishes reading this blog.

*Fingers crossed

P.S.   Get Rich or Die Tryin was a classic. Yes, the album and the movie.

P.P.S.   Remember Olivia? I would have bet anything she was broke.


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