Today on What’s the Action – Thursday, June 9th

by Ham… follow on Twitter @yourboyham11


The Knicks Making All Their Players Sign on The World’s Smallest Table is So Knicks

Seriously what the fuck are you doing Knicks? Robin Lopez is going to slip a disk before he can even finish Connecting The Dots of his signature

Mark Cuban Just Ethered Chris Broussard

My sources are telling me that Chris Broussard is dead. #Sources

This Funeral in Ghana Is Lit!

Yo, real talk, I need to get to Ghana and die right away.

This Dallas Kid is NOT Happy With DeAndre Jordan and the Clippers


Good News, Hackers Stole the Social Security Numbers of 21.5 Million Americans… Wait WHAT?

The entire New York Stock Exchange was down yesterday. Meanwhile, your boy Ham was fast & furiously pumping out blogs about an indecisive seven footer in an Orgy Suite, basketball players on vacation, and how much I hope a 17-year-old dies. This is my life.

Hey Guys, Did You Know That Kobe Won 5 Rings?

“Kobe you should read this blog.”
“Five Rings.”

Brian Cuban Subscribes to the Dom Toretto School of Family. Tells Chris Broussard to STFU. UPDATE: CUBAN!!!

Glad to see that I’m not the only one watching the Fast & Furious marathons on USA Network. I guess me and Brian both live our lives a quarter mile at a time.

I Can Get Behind “Billions” on Showtime About Hedgefund Guys

I love Paul Giamatti’s work. (I love Big Fat Liar)

Afternoon WTA – Ashley Greene, Vince Staples, and Cody Anderson

Winners, Tunes, and Ass

And from late last night, during the greatest night in Basketball Twitter history…

The Clippers are Holding DeAndre Jordan Hostage in His Own Home Right Now

And Blake Griffin just won Twitter forever.

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