This Dallas Kid is NOT Happy With DeAndre Jordan and the Clippers

by Ham… follow on Twitter @yourboyham11


Let’s run through some of those quotes.


Never trust a skinny chef. Never trust someone with no vices. And NEVER TRUST A MAN FROM HOUSTON

“I call dibs on this. If anyone does it, they stole it from me”

Don’t worry bro, nobody was ever stealing that joke.

“It’s because you’re a big giant bully that nobody wants to stand up to. Well I’m standing up to you. You’re ugly as shit. And when you go to bed at night, you know that the only thing you’re good for is entertaining us.”

I doubt blake is crying in that bed of money that he makes for entertaining us.

You ugly carrot-looking mother fucking

Nevermind, he’s totally crying about this one.

You’re 4’11”, all you do is whine, and you’re never gonna win a ring, let alone go to a Conference Final

Chris, you’re short. Boom Roasted.

I’d rather watch Riley Curry than you’re dumb ass son.

Same bro. Same.

Doc Rivers, you’re the reason I like Paul George. Cus Paul George cheated on your ugly ass daughter.

Live Look at Callie Rivers:


The Mavericks were nothing more than a rebound girlfriend to you

Yeah man, this was a romantic comedy. Chandler blew his shot. 

You thought you wanted responsibility, you wanted nothing to do with it. You love being that third wheel you fucking BITCH. 

As soon as DeAndre realized that it was going to be lobs from Devin Harris, not Chris Paul, he was like “Shit man I can’t do this. I’m a BITCH”

You look like a retard. And you are a retard after tonight

That’s just mean.

Don’t be surprised if one of us *wink wink* maybe me, slashes all your fucking knees when you’re at the– AHHH i don’t wanna.. Hey, that’s not a threat, that’s not a threat. Nevermind. SORRY

You can literally see the life leave his body when he realizes what he just said. After four minutes of screaming into his phone he finally crossed some imaginary line in his own head. Laugh out loud funny.


All in all I give that video a 13 out of 10. Absolutely Electric from start to finish. Line after line of hate. Loved every second of it. This is the shit that makes sports great. Jeff walked out to his car at 10:43 to go scream into a camera for 5 minutes about an athlete who changed his mind about playing for his team. Incredible. I love the NBA.

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