Brian Cuban Subscribes to the Dom Toretto School of Family. Tells Chris Broussard to STFU. UPDATE: CUBAN!!!

by Ham… follow on Twitter @yourboyham11


Glad to see that someone else has been watching those Fast & Furious marathons on USA Network every day like me. My man Brian Cuban subscribes to the Dominic Toretto school of Family. La Familia Over Everything bro. I don’t care if you’re dirt poor or an eccentric billionaire. An ex-cop or an ex-convict. A famous rapper or an facebook sensation (facebook dot com backslash Tyrese, follow me). Family is Family. And you never turn your back on Family.


As for my man Sources Broussard, this is probably it for him right? I mean it’s one thing for all of the internet to joke about how “your sources” are just “your imagination”. That’s just the internet talking. What does it matter to a reporter who is friends with LU-BRAWN JAAAmes and DUH-WAYNE WAAAde? But it’s a whole other thing to get publicly told to STFU by Mark Cuban’s brother, Brian Cuban. After that you kind of have to STFU right? There’s just no coming back from that. And for that reason Chris, you’re out.

The good news for Sources Broussard is that he has a second career to fall back on. Oh you didn’t know that Chris Broussard was a Motivational Speaker. Well yes he is. He’s also the founder of theThe K.I.N.G. Christian Men’s Movement, which I guess is a group of men who hate gay people or something. So, are you interested in hiring a Motivational Speaker, Leader of Men, Former Sports Reporter? Book Chris Broussard now.


“Start with a quote about how awesome I am”


P.S.   “Mark Cuban’s brother, Brian Cuban” sounds straight out of a Will Ferrell movie.


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