Paul Pierce Tweeting an Actual Picture of an Emoji During the NBA Emoji Wars is Next Level Stuff

by Ham… follow on Twitter @yourboyham11



Unbelievable. Just next level shit. NBA Twitter is on fire right now because a basketball player can’t make up his mind on where to play next season. Emojis flying all over the place. Then here come Old Man Truth tweeting and actual jpeg of an emoji. I was going to say “like a mom” until I realized that even my mom totally knows how to use emojis. But Paul had to pull one up from google images. Incredible. I love the NBA.

And the funniest part about it is that he could 100% be trolling the world. It would be perfectly Pierce. Today is his “Hip Hop Is Dead” moment.


P.S.   Good job, good effort Mike Woodson


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