Afternoon WTA — Ciara, Bieber-Skrillex-Diplo, and Bartolo

by Ham… follow on Twitter @yourboyham11


The Afternoon WTA. Winners, Tunes, and Ass every day at 2:00. Tweet any suggestions to @yourboyham11 or email to


Mets +1.5. Bartolo got back on track last start, throwing 7 scoreless in a loss. Like the Mets to keep things rolling tonight. Even if for them that means just scoring one run.



Where Are You Now – Skrillex & Diplo ft. Justin Bieber. Heard it a billion times this weekend and it’s still stuck in my head. Not mad about it.


Ciara. You know, the girl who Russell Wilson is lying about not having sex with? Yeah, this one…

ciara4 ciara5

ciara6 ciara7 ciara8 ciara8

ciara3 ciara1

And you know I’m bringing out the encore of Ride.

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