The New What’s The Action Site Is Up and Running. Here We Go…

by Ham… follow on Twitter @yourboyham11


How’s it going? How you guys doing? Rough day so far? Still feel like a terrible person for everything you did this weekend? Yeah, so does your boy Ham

Alright… So I’ve been running What’s The Action now for about two months. My goal is to give you the action on sports and pop culture stories from around the web. You’ll get satire, my sports thoughts, some TV/Movie/Music stuff, a taste of my gambling addiction, plenty of hot takes, and hopefully a few laughs to get you through the day.

I’ve been cranking out 8-10 posts a day over at the tumblr page, but tumblr is garbage. So I finally pulled myself up by my bootstraps, sat down on my couch, and bought a real domain name so that I can pretend to be a real person with a real business.

I’m in the process of moving all the old blogs into my new archives (fine, I haven’t started yet), but in the meantime you can read back through all my old blogs here in the old whatstheactionblog tumblr achives. For those new to What’s the Action, check out a few throwback blogs there to get you started.

To everyone who’s already been reading, thanks. To everyone who’s just starting, buckle up. You are all my sun and my stars, the moons of my life. Thanks for supporting your boy Ham. Enjoy The Action.

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