Je Suis Chris Coghlan Aggressively Adjusting His Cup

by Ham… follow on Twitter @yourboyham11


If you’ve ever worn a cup then you know exactly what was going on here with Chris Coghlan. That shit rides up on you crotch like it’s nobodies business. Smashes your junk together into one hot, sweaty ball. Just mashes that area. It’s a disaster.

The only reprieve you have is that quick adjustment. Those few glorious seconds where you can pull the cup away from your balls and give them some fresh air. It’s like pulling a drowning kid up to the surface. The world was collapsing down on your balls. They painfully gasped for breathe. They were starting to see the light. And your hand came bursting in to pull that cup away and give them life. No better feeling then that. The great reprieve.

P.S.   Sorry for making you throw up everywhere.

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