It’s Been a Weird Few Days For the Giants, At Least Odell Beckham is Still Good at Catching Footballs

by Ham… follow on Twitter @yourboyham11

What a weekend for Big Blue huh? Our Defensive End blew his hand up. Our star receiver is naked in the body issue. Our Pets heads are falling off!

Seriously what the fuck is going on? This should be happening to the Jets and Cowboys, not us. I don’t like being the tabloid team in New York. Leave that shit up to Woody Johnson and the Jets. Get TMZ to Florham Park right now. I know Sheldon Richardson got suspended for steroids or some shit but that’s not really news. Everyone knows that the entire NFL except Eli and Odell is on some kind of steroids. I need some tabloid fodder. Can we get Brandon Marshall’s real thoughts on Geno’s deep balls? Did Cromartie have a 15th kid yet? Can Revis announce that he’s holding out again for more money or something? Seriously get the Giants the fuck off the back pages already. I don’t need this shit in my life.

The good news is that our NOT REALLY INJURED and TOTALLY NOT CURSED Superstar Wide Receiver is still really good at catching footballs.

Like really, really good. Who needs healthy hamstrings when you have hands like that? Dude can walk out there on crutches and still need double coverage and an eye from the other safety. Frees up Victor Cruz for that comeback season. We’re totally fine. Not worried.

odell3 odell2 odell1

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